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As an environmental and non-profit organization, we strive to educate children from an early age, develop their personality, and lead to the protection and enhancement of the environment.

Stromácka akadémia Stromácka akadémia

Systematically develop the potential of children aged 4 to 15 in the voluntary extension of the Tree of Life Club. There are no additional fees to participate in the Academy.

The Academy includes:

  • online database of downloadable ideas for activities and worksheets
  • each activity has assigned competencies that it develops in children
  • records of completed activities and progress of children
  • a standardized personality test to discover your child's talent


You will find many interesting products in our EnviSHOP. With us, you can choose your entertainment according to what you currently want. Whether you are preparing activities for a family trip, looking for educational materials and aids, or you want a new issue of Treeling to delight you every month.

Dekorácia Dekorácia

We can grow together

Become a member or a volunteer for Tree of Life and be a part of a community that cares not only about the environment and the quality of life, but also about the development and education of children and adolescents.

School club+

School club+

  • club managment
  • 25 % discount on every Class club+ membership
  • 2 clubs: 2 x 12,00 € = 24,00 € / month or 2 x 108,00 € = 216,00 € / year
  • 3 clubs: 3 x 12,00 € = 36,00 € / month or 3 x 108,00 € = 324,00 € / year
  • 4 clubs: 4 x 12,00 € = 48,00 € / month or 4 x 108,00 € = 432,00 € / year

We are a company

We are a company

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your eco-educational projects? Are you planning on organising unusual outdoor activities, either for your employees or their kids? Contact us and we will come up with a custom programme together.

I am a volunteer

I am a volunteer

Do you like what we are doing, and would like to help us? Maybe you are looking to gain practical experience in your field, or looking to try a job, that has a meaning and an actual impact? Register as a volunteer with us and we will find a way to achieve your goals together. We prefer for volunteers to stay with us for at least 3 months.

Do you not belong in any of the categories? Let us know, we will resolve this.

Stromácka akadémia

Are you interested in nature? Do you want to learn? Do you like to invent and create or improve your surroundings?

Join the Growth family and develop your potential.

Who and what is (not) hiding behind the Tree?

Get to know our team and everything about our organisation. We also have photos.

More about us
Who and what is (not) hiding behind the Tree?

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